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Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Cash Flow to Fund Purchase of All New Trucks

Challenge: The CEO of a domestic transportation company needed increased cash flow from his Accounts Receivable to partially fund the purchase of all new trucks. His customers required higher quality trucks to handle premium loads heading primarily to Mexico.

Solution: Fast Money for Flips LLC provided a $2,000,000 Line, which enabled them to get the capital they need. The company can now meet demands for the most difficult load request and has increased business substantially with a larger presence not only in the USA but also in Mexico.

Professional Services

More Flexible Funding Required

Challenge: The CEO and former CPA from one of the top accounting firms in the country required more flexible financing than their current bank. They expressed sincere dissatisfaction with their current bank LOC which was not meeting their current needs. They needed aggressive pricing to provide the additional capital to fund the current payroll demands and do a bank buy-out. The company had additional complications with several of its divisions and accounts payable/debt issues. Solution: Fast Money For Flips LLC is working on providing a $5,000,000 A/R Factoring Line giving them plenty of growth potential, paying off their bank, and providing an immediately available extra stretch piece of capital to meet the current staffing demands and increase the customer base. Our Fast Money for Flips LLC team worked through some difficult challenges and complications to get the first funding done and to the satisfaction of the client. The company is now positioned to receive more government contracts and customers. With our funding, they can attract the staffing personnel they need for their niche markets and have the freedom and flexibility to maintain steady growth.

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