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Temporary Staffing

Updated: Apr 6

Fast Money for Flips has the experience, staff and capital to give you immediate access to funds that your business is waiting on. It has been our passion for the last 2 years to work with our clients, help them take the next steps in growing their business, and provide the capital for them to prosper.

Are your clients on terms of 30, 60 or even 90 days, leaving you without that much needed income so you can continue to close new business, start the next project or just hire and pay your staff? It's a common problem faced by our clients, they are stuck in a cycle where they complete the work but wait to be paid months later, meanwhile opportunities seem to pass them by.

We have a proven track record of providing timely capital to businesses in a wide array of B2B industries, helping them cover their immediate needs while expanding into new states, new markets and reach new horizons.

We invite you to learn more, or start the process for yourself today!

Their rates are by far the best I've seen

I had been considering using a funding company for my small business for about two years now. I shopped rates with a few of the "top-rated" companies... Greg quickly grabbed my attention!! I immediately withdrew my application with the other funding company and continued the process with Fast Money for Flip's

. I am so glad that I did!!! Their rates are by far the best I've seen and they made me feel really comfortable choosing to do business with them. The approval process was fairly quick after I provided all of the required documents. I was even able to get funded during the same week after being approved! No more waiting 30-45 days to get paid, and this is really important as I have contractors that I must pay. Jeffrey Abraham and his Partner Myron Middleton went over and beyond to quickly make my first funding take place!!! I am most gracious for these two men and the superior customer service they provided!!!

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