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Moving Into a Rent to Own Home is Quick and Easy!

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

There are so many benefits to Rent to Own Homes

When you think of moving into a new home, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, it’s probably not ‘Wow! This will be so easy!’ Moving into a rent to own home is here to change your mind. The process of rent to own is so easy it seems unbelievable. The hardest part of this process is going to be choosing your future home! Everything that comes after that is a breeze, and it ends with you owning the house of your dreams.

It’s time to stop searching for your apartment, townhouse, house, or whatever it is you’re looking to move into! Instead, consider rent to own listings and find a pain-free, easy home renting option that fits all of your needs.

There are countless reasons why renting to own is such an amazing choice for. It saves you money, makes your dream home attainable at a lower price, puts YOU in charge of your finances and much more. You are able to lock in a purchase price before signing the contract, so you know exactly how much money you’re agreeing to spend before you spend it. You also have a level of flexibility that most homebuyers couldn’t imagine. If you end up not loving the home you choose, you can change your lease.

“With rent to own, you hold the cards. You're in charge.

One that is lesser known is the ability to buy a home even if you have bad credit. Not only does this give anyone, in any position, the ability to become a homeowner, it also helps them easily improve their finances. We’ll cover this more later on, but it’s a hidden benefit that has helped countless customers reach all of their finance goals.

You’ve probably heard of renting a home, it seems like everyone’s heard of that. But what makes rent to own so much better? Well to start, by the time your renting agreement is over, the house will be entirely YOURS! Instead of giving money every single month to a home that will never be under your name, you get to chip away at that large house payment in smaller sums with each month. Renting may be the mainstream option, but that doesn’t mean it’s the better one. Think of it this way. Would you rather put money towards being a homeowner at affordable rates, or pay large sums of money to go towards, essentially, someone else’s home?

With rent to own, you hold the cards. You’re in charge. You get to rent and then own this house, apartment, townhome, cabin - whatever! - that you’ve made into your home. Settle into your forever home, own that home and own it on your own terms.

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