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Get Your Second Chance with the Second Chance Program

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Because your house is your biggest asset, and we're here to help you keep it

You love your home and you don’t want to move. But you could really use some liquidity and your FICO score is lacking, which means a home equity loan is not an option. Second Chance Program says it has the answer. The Denver-based startup will buy your house, hand you that equity in cold hard cash, and then rent it back to you for as long as you like. You can give you a lease for a 2 year period, then buy the house back after the end of two years. This gives homeowner that is in foreclosure the time they need to rebuild their credit. Second Chance's knows its clients are those whose financial situations prevent them from losing their house to foreclosure. Because it’s not a Bank, we have assembled a group of investor that wants to help give homeowners a real second chance by offering them a 2 year buys back optionally agreement and also if they have enough equity they can request cash-out to pay off bills credits, auto loans and also remodel their home as long as they can afford the monthly payments. As the landlord, the second chance is not responsible for keeping the maintenance of the property that is the potential homeowner's responsibility. We want the client to always have the feeling that it's still their home even if they are in a lease buyback agreement.

CEO Jeffrey Abraham and Brian Chaloupka are the manager Director that has open up the company this year but Mr. Abraham has worked for another company that offers the lease buy-back option that only offers their program to the homeowner that had credit issue to buy a new home. Mr.Abraham added a spin to the product by started offering the product to a homeowner facing foreclosure nationwide. Mr. Chaloupka focuses on investor relations by bringing in more investors so we can help more homeowners facing foreclosure stay in their homes. Mr. Abraham said that it is a blessing that he teams up with Mr. Chaloupka that has lots of experience in the rental market he has over 25 years of work as an investor and renting homes in the San Antonio market.

“Homeowners love our program and love the opportunity to purchase their home back," says Second Chance CEO, Jeffrey Abraham

Mr. Abraham said there are other companies just started springing up here in America but they are offer client that have bad credit cash out and an opportunity to buy their house back. The second chance program only concentrates on homeowners that are in foreclosure or they're behind in property taxes. We have had many homeowners just started to contact us. “We’re looking for bigger Investor to help us in our Goal of trying to help more homeowner have a second chance and hopefully we can get millions of dollars to fund our program “We’re really focused on the people who are getting turned down from loan modification or any program that the bank is offering homeowner, we want to help them,” he said. “Our goal is to become the destination for turndowns and help create more flexibility for homeowners.”

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