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Because life happens. And you shouldn't lose your home over it.









With strategic partnerships, we have developed a program that specifically assists distressed homeowners facing foreclosure. We will perform a mortgage payoff on the distressed property along with a lease purchase agreement. At a later agreed-upon date, Homeowner may repurchase their property or choose to sell it.

If you qualify and have a steady income, the Second Chance Program is your solution!

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01.  Reach Out

We reach out to Homeowners who are in jeopardy of losing their home to Tax Liens/Foreclosures.  We will get them pre-approved for the Second Chance Progam.


02.  Cash Out

With enough equity in your property, we can help you get out of debt.


03.  Buy Back

The Second Chance Program will offer you our Lease/Buy Back Option.

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04.  Down Payment Assistance

Second Chance Program includes your down payment for the re-purchase of your home.

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Agent interviews Homeowner for Second Chance Program.



Relationship Manager makes three-way call to bank with Homeowner to order Payoff.



Homeowner submits required documentation to get pre-approved.



You can list your home for sale with one of our preferred 5-star Realtors.


You can accept an offer from the

Second Chance Program.



•  Homeowner gathers required documentation to see if they qualify for the 2nd Chance Program.

•  Sign Purchase Agreement.

•  Order Appraisal and Survey. Open up Escrow and order Title.

•  Your closing will be at a local Title Company in your neighborhood.



Jeffrey Abraham

Jeffrey Abraham

Brain Chaloupka

Brian Chaloupka


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For the past ten years Mr. Abraham has been involved in the Residential and Commercial mortgage business. He has saved hundreds of homes through successful loan modifications and helping to reverse the effects of foreclosure and default mortgages for his clientele. His history for years has been with financial development organizations and institutions that assisted clients with home, business, and personal financial development.


During the recent real estate bust, Abraham has assisted homeowners in working directly with the banks to save their homes. Today he is the Principal in Document Preparation Consultants, and educational and consulting online center developed to help homeowners save their own homes and to educate them on the loan modification process.

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Mr. Chaloupka has over 25 years of experience in real estate investing and financing.  Brian’s knowledge encompasses strategies such as wholesaling, fix and flips, fix and holds, turnkey investment properties, owner financing, mortgage notes, lending, and others.

Most recently, Brian has specialized in helping distressed homeowners with real estate solutions and offering affordable housing to those that would otherwise not be able to qualify for institutional financing.

Brian resides in San Antonio, Texas but actively invests nationwide.

Additional Team Members

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Logan Denno

Marketing Director

Mr. Denno is a 10 year Army veteran with several years of experience in real estate investing. Logan’s knowledge encompasses strategies such as wholesaling, Airbnb, fix and holds, owner financing, private equity, business credit, and others.

Most recently, Logan has specialized in helping homeowners in distressed situations with real estate solutions by offering the best options available.

Logan resides in Miami, FL but actively invests nationwide.

Shadeed Abraham

Myron Middleton

Cynthia King

Commercial Lending Expert

Cynthia King, on the surface, is an extremely accomplished business development
consultant, with 20+ years’ experience in the marketing, sales, and consulting
markets. She considers herself a “Connector” who creates a concept and makes it a
reality. As such, she has produced healthy, enduring results for commercial
portfolios including major companies, facilities, and properties. But more than a
Sales and Marketer, Mrs. King is a person who influences and persuades top ranking
people; whose opinion is highly sought after; and whose judgement is respected and

Mrs. King received her Residential Loan Officer Certification in 2000. It was there
that she developed her passion for the sales, marketing, and real estate experience.
After 8 years on the residential side, Mrs. King rose through the ranks to becoming
a Commercial Business Consultant for the past 11 years. She then spent her time
assisting with the strategic development of businesses through education,
marketing, and sales practices.

During her most recent 2-year tenure in the sales and marketing industry. Mrs. King
has fed her insatiable interest in marketing businesses in emerging markets through
her research and consulting tactics. Her interest in the business development
industry, however, is rooted in her 4’11 11’4 in business moto. Mrs. King prides herself
on engaging with thought leaders and high-ranking decision makers in business
development portfolios. She consistently invites top players to challenge her,
converse with her, and slog through the mud with her. Mrs. King ‘s goal is to become
a National VP in the Private Equity Community, using her drive and untiring
commitment to bring greater liberation and dignity to the people of the developing
business world.


Mr. Kaba

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I first want to say, "Thank you, God" for putting Jeffrey in my path when I thought there was nothing else I could do to save my home from foreclosure. Jeffrey reached out to me one day, but sad to say these days you have to be so careful of scams! Jeffrey sent me the information, and I went back and forth in my mind with it and prayed about it. And I reached out to Jeffrey this time, and he got things going in the right direction. And here I am in my home, ready to celebrate another Christmas with my family!

If anyone is facing foreclosure, please talk to Jeffrey Abraham. I promise he will lead you in the right direction—just what the program is called 2nd Chance program. We all may run into issues or make bad decisions sometimes, but everyone deserves a second chance. Don't hesitate to call Jeffrey. I promise you, I am very cautious of people but so glad I put my trust in Jeffrey and his partner, Brian, with the Second Chance Program.

Terry Brown


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